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ControlSuite v1 Installer Training | EL-CTS-INSTALL-010

Course/Exam Description

Course Title: ControlSuite v1 Installer Training
Duration: 4 - 8 Hours
List Price: $1,000 USD (Add to cart to view applicable discount)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Course P/N: TR-8000-0023N


  • Understand the Unified Platform used in ControlSuite.
  • Understand the ControlSuite Platform
  • Understand ControlSuite's Capabilities.
  • Understand the License Details of ControlSuite.
  • Understand the Architecture and System Requirements of Business Connect.
  • Be able to configure Business Connect.
  • Be able to troubleshoot Business Connect.
  • Understand the ControlSuite Architecture.
  • Understand the ControlSuite System Requirements
  • Understand the role of ControlSuite Shared Services.
  • Be able to use the ControlSuite Install Assistant.
  • Be able to use the ControlSute Configuration Assistant
  • Be able to use the Entitlement Portal.
  • Be able to Install, Configure, and Liceinse ControlSuite.
  • Be able to setup document transformation workflows in ControlSuite.
  • Be able to setup component to component workflows in ControlSuite.
  • Be able to setup workflows that utilize multiple applications ControlSuite.
  • Be able to successfully complete end of module assessments.

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