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Invoice Processing Agility 1.1 Training & Certification | OD-IPA-IPA-011

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Course Title: Invoice Processing Agility 1.1 Training and Certification
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32 Hours
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Pre-requisite Software: Please note that TotalAgility is designed to run on a server operating system. Further pre-requisite software includes IIS and SQL Server. If you are unable to source the pre-requisite software, you can purchase the hire of a Virtual Machine (VM) that includes the pre-requisite software from our store. A VM is not included when this course is purchased.

Methodology: Illustrated lecture and discussion, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises. Knowledge retention and ability to product documentation will be measured by a 25 question certification examination.

Audience: This course is intended for technical professionals who need to understand how to install, configure and extend Kofax Invoice Processing Agility. 

This is a solution built upon Kofax TotalAgility.

Prerequisites: To maximize the learning experience, it would be beneficial if the student had the following:

  • Completion of the Kofax TotalAgility 7 Essentials course
  • Basic working knowledge of:
    • SQL databases
    • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
    • Programming language (e.g. C#)

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand server pre-requisites before installing IP Agility
  • Understand and install the various components of IP Agility
  • Install AP Agility Components to work with IP Agility and the ERP Agnostic Connector
  • Configure Ingestion paths
  • Configure Master Vendor Table
  • Access Solution Configuration Manager (SCM) and basic settings
  • Configure Export options
  • Configure Invoice Number lookup and examine Online Learning
  • Configure Company Code Extraction
  • Configure PO Number lookup
  • Understand Line Pairing, Line Pairing Correction and 3-way Matching
  • Understand how to handle Miscellaneous Charges
  • Understand Invalid Reasons when to use them
  • Consider Upgrade scenarios and Customizations
  • Configure the system to handle Intercompany Invoices
  • Configure Units of Measure
  • Configure Tax settings
  • Configure VAT Compliancy checks
  • Configure Currencies
  • Understand Exception Handling functionality
  • Understand Electronic Invoice capabilities and configuration
  • Configure Custom Fields
  • Understand User Exits, develop an example and test it
  • Understand MarkView Integration
  • Understand Process Director Integration
  • Pass a Certification Examination with a score of 85% or higher 

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Invoice Processing Agility 1.1 Certification Exam

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