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AutoStore 8 Unified Client for Canon | EL-AS-UNIFCAN-080

Course/Exam Description

Course Title: AutoStore 8 Unified Client for Canon
Course ID: EL-AS-UNIFCAN-080
Duration: 2 hours
Skill Level: Intermediate
Course P/N: TR-8000-0213N

Description: This course will prepare you to describe, install, configure, and integrate the Kofax Unified Client on a supported Canon MEAP device with AutoStore 8 or higher workflows. 

Audience: Technical personnel responsible for working with the Unified Client for Canon.

Prerequisites: None

Objectives: After completing the curriculum, the learner will be able to:

•        Describe the Kofax Unified Client for Canon, its features, and architecture.

•        Install and configure Device Registration Service.

•        Install and configure the Unified Client on a Canon Device.

•        Configure the AutoStore Unified Client Component for integration with AutoStore workflows.


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