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OmniPage Server 2 Sales Training

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Course Title: OmniPage Server 2 Sales Training
Duration: 1 Hours
Price: $0 USD



Description:  This course provides an overview of the key features of OmniPage Server 2.  It includes a review of the latest updates to the solution, as well as a review of the key selling features of the solution, the various licensing options, and demonstration tips.  


Audience:  All sales associates who sell OmniPage Server 2


Prerequisites:  None


Objectives:  After completing the curriculum, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the key features of OmniPage, how they address common customer pains and the benefits they bring when implemented in a customer environment
  • Identify the basic system requirements for installation of OmniPage 2 and the proper environment for OmniPage 2
  • List the qualifying questions that can be used to identify needs for OmniPage Server 2
  • Outline the target market for OmniPage Server 2
  • Describe the various licensing options
  • Summarize the target Use Cases for OmniPage and the key applications for OmniPage in each of these Use Cases
  • Conduct a demonstration of OmniPage 2 which highlights the key selling features of the product and their benefits

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