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OpenForms 360 Sales Training

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Course Title: OpenForms 360 Sales Training
Duration: 2 Hours
Price:  $0 USD
Audience:  Kofax/Partner Sales Staff


Description: Kofax OpenForms 360 is an AutoStore add-on functionality which enables advanced processing of structured, semi-Structured and unstructured documents into business processes within the organization. OpenForms 360 allows tasks to be completed more quickly and more efficiently by reducing the need for manual data entry of information from documents being received by the organization. Speeding up the business process by using digital workflows and improving data quality can reduce compliance risks.

Audience: MFP Partner Sales Reps.

Prerequisites:  None

Objectives:  After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand how OpenForms 360 automatically extracts, validates and routes data from documents captured by Kofax AutoStore
  • Spot opportunities to automate end user processes centered around structured forms, semi-structured forms and unstructured documents

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