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Mobile Capture Platform Training & Certification | OD-MC-PLAT-026

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Course Title:  Kofax Mobile Capture Platform Training & Certification
Course ID:  OD-MC-PLAT-026
Duration:  12 Hours
List Price:  $1500 USD (Add to cart to view applicable discounts)
Skill Level:  Intermediate
Course P/N:  TR-1400-0202

Welcome to Kofax Mobile Capture Platform (SDK 2.6) On-Demand Training. This program may be accomplished at your own pace, but it is designed to be completed within twelve hours. The limited time period has been designed to optimize your learning.

To fully utilize the information in the course and to complete the student lab exercises, the following requirements should be met:

  1. Access to an iOS or Android-based mobile device (phone, tablet or pad).
  2. As a major component of this course is targeted to designers of mobile applications, programming experience is recommended, but not required.

Hands-on labs will be accomplished using the instructions provided below and the Kofax Mobile Capture Software Developers Kit (SDK), the Kofax Mobile Frameworks, sample Kofax Mobile Capture applications, Kofax Capture, Kofax TotalAgility, and Kofax Front Office Server. There is no travel required. You will need your computer with audio capabilities, speakers or headphones and a broadband Internet connection.

The individual components of On-Demand Training are available via this server. These components include:

    1. Student Guides
      1. There is one short guide per training module in PDF format; viewable in your web browser.
      2. We strongly recommend you print these out prior to viewing the associated presentation and use them for note taking.
    2. Presentations
      1. PowerPoint presentations have been developed for all major areas of learning.
      2. Delivered via streaming media.
      3. Usually followed by instructor demonstrations.
    3. Demonstrations
      1. Usually follow PowerPoint presentations.
      2. Used to show the context of setup and processing steps.
      3. Used to supplement presentations with additional information.
    4. Lab Guides
      1. Contain detailed step-by-step instructions for completing the lab exercises.
      2. Should be printed out prior to starting each lab exercise.
    5. Hands-on Student Lab Exercises
      1. Provide the opportunity to practice what you have seen and heard.
      2. For most people, hands-on experience is where the real learning takes place.
      3. Accomplished on your machine.

There is a certification exam for this course.

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Kofax Mobile Capture Platform Certification Exam

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