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Kofax ReadSoft Online Learning Cloud - Prime Membership

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Course Title: Kofax Learning Cloud for ReadSoft Online
Course ID: LC-RSO-CLOUD-100
Duration: Annual Access
Skill Level: Introductory - Advanced
Course P/N: TR-2000-0031V

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(Initial Seat) Prime Membership $4,000 USD

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$500 USD

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Abstract: The Kofax Learning Cloud for ReadSoft Online is an entirely new way to learn to use the Kofax products. The Learning Cloud is a learning "platform" that provides not only an ever-growing library of eLearning content, but tools and services to make the learning experience more effective, interesting and fun. The Kofax Learning Cloud platform includes 12-months of access to our living library of learning content including:

  • Unlimited access for 1 full year
  • Growing library of eLearning content
  • Unlimited Certification exams
  • Automatic release updates
  • New content added monthly 
  • Monthly live training sessions
  • Access to past live training recordings
  • Personal progress tracking
  • Mobile device support
  • Multi-user discounts, and more

Methodology: Interactive and scalable eLearning content blended with incremental live instructional webinars.

Audience:  End Users, IT Professionals, and Developers seeking training on Kofax ReadSoft Online.

 Listed for each learning module

Learning Paths: We strongly recommend utilizing the Learning Paths to complete the training. The Learning Paths consists of training modules curated and ordered by the Instructional Designer. The available learning paths are:

  • Getting Started | Kofax ReadSoft Online™
  • RSO End User | Fundamentals
  • RSO Administrator | Fundamentals Certification

Topics: The following topics are currently covered as eLearning modules in this membership:

Module Topic Duration
Account Coding Workflow  0:35
Analytics  0:18
Approval Workflow  0:40
Managing Buyers  0:18
Managing Master Data  0:18
Managing Users  0:20
Uploading Invoices  0:20
What is Kofax ReadSoft Online™  0:20
Architecture and Components  0:15
Interface Introduction  0:20
Invoice Data Capture Process  1:00
Onboarding a Customer  0:50
Verifying Invoices  0:18
Code and Approve Invoices  0:40
Special Handling of Invoices  0:20
Extraction & Machine Learning  0:20
Troubleshooting Classification & Extraction Issues  0:15
Data Capture Process  0:40
Rejection Workflows using Rejection Codes  0:25
Correction Workflow  0:25
Extraction Service  0:20
Automatic Buyer Classification  0:15
Document Subtypes  0:25

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ReadSoft Online Administration Fundamentals Certification
ReadSoft Online End User Exam

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