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Transformation 6.4 Essentials (Instructor-led)

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Course Title: Transformation 6.4 Essentials
Course ID & P/N: KTM-TRN-ESSELV-063
Training Method: Classroom Training
Duration: 4 days

Description: This course is intended for certified Kofax Capture Technical Solutions Specialists who are participating in the design, implementation and support of an advanced component-based document imaging and forms processing solution using Kofax Transformation. At the conclusion of the course, students will have the opportunity to purchase and take an examination for certification as a Kofax Transformation 6 Technical Solutions Specialist.

Objectives: By the end of training, attendees will be able to:

  • Install KT 6
  • Install the Search & Matching Server
  • Install the Thin Client Server
  • Design a simple KT project, identifying required classes, methods of separation, and extraction
  • Build three basic projects (one for benchmarking, one for invoices and one for unstructured forms) using a logical sequence and best practices, setting up layout, instruction and adaptive feature classifier classification methods, scantime and basic separation and automatic extraction using basic locators:
  • Bar Code Locators
  • Identify and train for “top” vendors for invoice projects
  • Set up validation rules, methods and forms
  • Configure database lookups
  • Integrate KT with KC and process batches through all KT queues
  • Test configuration using the extraction benchmark, separation benchmark and classification
  • benchmark tools
  • Describe the differences between generic and specific learning and knowledge bases
  • Describe required knowledge base maintenance and build new knowledge bases from imported online learning samples.
  • Build a project that uses trainable document separation using KTM’s auto-clustering feature
  • Pass a certification exam with a score of 85% or higher (separate purchase).

Methodology: Illustrated lecture and discussion, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises

Prerequisites: Students attending this course should have already completed the following course(s):

  • Capture Professional Developer

Audience: IT Professionals & End Users installing and configuring Kofax Transformation Modules

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