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PSIcapture 7.x Licensing On-demand Training

Course/Exam Description

A 3-part series regarding PSIcapture and how licensing works with this product. Make sure to take good notes and pay attention as there is a quiz after each video.

Topics covered include:

  • Beginner Level – A discussion on scalability, What is “pooling?”, Unlimited Licenses, Basic differences between Classification and Table Extraction, Benefits of Term licensing
  • Advanced Level - Differences between Zero seats and Workstations, What is a “Non-recurring volume” bundle great for? A thorough discussion on PSIcapture licensing extras that are available (Test license, Eval license, Email connector, etc.)
  • Expert Level - Understanding Multi-core OCR, Efficiencies Mathematics, How to Sell the “True Value” of an Opportunity, Licensing Best Practices

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