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Do Not Use: TotalAgility Master Class On Demand | OD-TA-MC-078

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Course Title: TotalAgility Master Class
Course ID: OD-TA-MC-078
Duration: 20 hours
List Price: $2,500 USD
Skill Level: Advanced
Course P/N: TR-8000-1000

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Methodology:  Due to the nature of the material, this course is delivered as a ‘presentation only’ course. There will be no hands-on training labs associated with this course.

Solution Architects, Development leads and Professional Services Consultants with experience delivering TotalAgility-based solutions.

Masterclass on TotalAgility Implementation Best Practices.


Familiarization with the TotalAgility Product Architecture, environment planning and deployment options\considerations including security, resiliency, scalability and maintenance.

Gain proficiency and best practices knowledge from the Kofax SMEs on TotalAgility around platform architecture, sizing and planning for scalability and test-ability, process and extraction, security and auditing etc.



  • Architecture
    • Ports and Protocols
    • License Server
    • Core Worker
    • reporting Server
    • Message Connector
    • OPMT
    • RTTS
    • Linked Server
    • License Proxy
    • Hosting Options
    • KSMS Integration


  • Security
    • Data Security
    • Deployment Configuration
    • Configuration Encryption
    • Authentication
  • Resiliency
  • Performance & Scalability
  • Environment Planning
    • Development Environments
    • Production Deployment
    • Environment Planning - OPMT
    • Production Support
  • Installation
    • Installation Planning
    • Installation Configuration
    • Installation Verification
    • Upgrade Strategies
  • Administration


  • Cognitive Capture
    • Metrics and Business Analysis
    • Image Processing including eVRS
    • Classification & Separation
    • Knowledge Bases & Online Learning
    • Benchmarking
    • Table Extraction
    • Locators
    • Multi Country Projects
    • Upgrading Capture Batch Classes to KTA Process
  • Process Orchestration
    • Forms
    • Data
    • Process
  • Solution Promotion
    • Solution Promotion
    • Solution Promotion with in-flight Jobs
    • Job Upgrader
    • Packaging
  • Solution Promotion

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