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SignDoc Standard (On-premise) Implementation Engineer

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Course Title: SignDoc Standard (On-premise) Implementation Engineer
Course ID and Course P/N: KSD-TRN-STIMPV-032
Estimated Completion: The course duration tag represents the video and reading time for all course components. Expect to spend 7 hours in the product version guided learning paths to complete the content, labs, and exams.
Skill Level: Introductory/Intermediate


Description: A convenient and trustworthy signing of documents is an essential building block of a company's digital transformation strategy. Reducing paper usage for contracts, approvals, and other business documents helps cut costs and provide a positive customer experience. Kofax SignDoc Standard helps you move away from wet-ink signature processes and adds digital signatures securely making the whole process smoother.

Whether you are an implementation engineer or an administrator looking for a deeper dive into SignDoc implementation, this course is for you.

Objectives: Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Explain electronic signatures
  • Describe the Kofax Signdoc product family
  • Define the Kofax SignDoc architecture
  • Navigate the SignDoc interfaces
  • Install Kofax SignDoc Standard
  • Configure a SQL database
  • Configure an SMTP server
  • Run the Docker sample images
  • Configure Kofax SignDoc Standard single sign-on
  • Describe and configure certificates used with Kofax SignDoc Standard
  • Configure a Trusted Service Provider 
  • Install and configure the GlobalSign plugin
  • Complete basic REST API requests to Kofax SignDoc Standard
  • Configure logs
  • Upgrade Kofax SignDoc Standard

Methodology: Interactive and scalable eLearning content blended with hands-on activities and knowledge check questions to confirm your understanding of the lesson's topics.

Audience:  Implementation engineers

Prerequisites: none

Course Access: 365 days from enrollment date

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