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Transact 2020.1 Operator Training (Curriculum)

Course/Exam Description

Course Title: Transact 2020.1 Operator Training (Curriculum)
Course ID: ETS_OPR_A#2020.01
Skill Level: Introductory
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SHELL with course content. Users could have a completion here at this level and not the certificate.

Course Overview

You will learn the skills you need as a Transact Operator to use the system on a daily basis.  We will demonstrate and explain the various Transact user interfaces for operators. These interfaces include the home and login screens, Batch List, document review, document validation, and upload new documents. This course contains simulations where you will upload batches for processing, review document type classification results in the Review interface, and review data extraction results in the Validation interface. You’ll learn about table extraction, fuzzy searches, why a document needs to be validated, how to re-classify misclassified documents, re-ordering pages, and your role as a Transact Operator. We will also introduce you to the Ephesoft Documentation Site and give you links to specific pages that can provide expanded learning or a future resource. 


Course Sections

 There are six (6) total sections to this course. They are as follows:

  1. Introduction to Transact
  2. Document Ingestion
  3. Batch List User Interface
  4. Review User Interface
  5. Validate User Interface
  6. Batch Review and Validate Simulation

Objectives: Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Upload documents for ingestion
  • Prepare batch classes for review and validation
  • Monitor batch classes for troubleshooting and completion


End Users


Access to a 2020.1 Transact Environment

Course Access: 365 days from enrollment date

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