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Certification and Badging


Show your worth with Kofax certification

Earning your Kofax certification means more than ever with the digital mindset towards doing business. Kofax offers a variety of Kofax product certifications which can help to validate your place in the ecosystem.

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Recognition of your newly learned skills

Introducing digital badging and credentialing. Kofax now issues digital badges for the completion of specific tasks as well as for Kofax certifications. Digital badges make sense because they are 100% verifiable, secure and help to validate your new skills, credentials, contributions, and experiences.

Kofax uses digital badging in two distinctive ways...

Certification Badges

Certification badges and certificates are issued upon the successful completion of a variety of Kofax certification exams designed to validate your knowledge and understanding of the Kofax products.

Some of the Kofax products offer 1, 2, and 3 star certifications. Earning these subsequent certifications can help to demonstrate your commitment to becoming more knowledgeable and also supports continuous learning.

Skills Badges

Skills badges are automatically created upon the completion of specific milestones along your training journey. Please note that skills badges are not a substitute for certifications, however, they will qualify you for access to Kofax technical support.