ControlSuite 1.0 vILT | VILT-CTS-CTS-010

Course Title: ControlSuite 1.0 vILT
Course ID: VILT-CTS-CTS-010
Duration: 5 Days
List Price: $2200 USD (Add to cart to view applicable discount)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Course P/N: TR-8000-0206N

KOFAX ControlSuite 1.0 Technical Blended Training

This class will provide the student with hands-on access to Microsoft® Windows® 2016 servers for installing and configuring ControlSuite 1.0. The student will be guided through lab exercises focused on integrating the ControlSuite components.

What to Expect

The ControlSuite 1.0 class is a 5-day Instructor-Led Training which combines online self-paced learning, instructor-led virtual classrooms, and hands-on access to Windows 2016 servers for installing and configuring ControlSuite 1.0. During this 5-day period, the student will create workflows to utilize the shared services which integrates the 4 components of ControlSuite, Equitrac, AutoStore, Output Manager, and Kofax Business Connect.

The hands-on labs will require the attendees to exercise critical thinking in order to systematically:

  • Build workflows which use the ControlSuite shared services.
  • Introduce you to the capabilities of the ControlSuite solution.

This class also consists of virtual classrooms sessions where all the learners plus the instructor work together in a webinar to recap the content of the online modules and increase knowledge and skills. The average time requirement is 4 hours per day, so normal business activities can be completed during the remainder of the day.

Note: The training includes several graded assignments and ends with a knowledge test.

Where: No travel required. The class is full virtualized, and students may join from wherever they want. Classes will be held virtually on WebEx. Each day the instructor-led virtual classroom is about 2 hours. Additionally, each day the students will have to work through homework assignments on their own.

What do I need?

Prerequisites: This is not in-depth training on the individual ControlSuite products (Equitrac, AutoStore, Output Manager), but it is expected you have completed all learning prerequisites on the individual products prior to this training.

You need a computer with internet access and some bandwidth. There are no special requirements for the computer other than having a monitor (recommendation: 2 monitors) with a resolution of 1024 * 768 or more and a Headset.

How much time do I have to invest?

For the self-study part of the training you should calculate to invest 2 – 3 hours a day depending on your learning speed. Each day there is a virtual classroom that is running for about 2 hours. In total you should calculate to invest about 20 – 25 hours for this class.


At the end of this new learning experience, you will be able to:

  • Communicate the architecture and related services of the Kofax Control Suite
  • Install and configure the ControlSuite 1.0 in a production environment (install on several servers)
  • License the ControlSuite solution
  • Describe the ControlSuite architecture at a high level
  • Demonstrate the moving of jobs between the components of ControlSuite 1.0 (Equitrac, AutoStore, Output Manager, Business Connect)
  • Create real world workflows which utalize ControlSuite shared services
  • Troubleshoot basic problems in CS
  • Identify Upgrade paths from EQ, AS, and OM to ControlSuite 1.0
  • Identify the location of the ControlSuite 1.0 shared service logfiles


Who Should Attend?

Network Admins and IT Professionals that will be installing, configuring, and maintaining ControlSuite.

No ControlSuite experience is required, but one must have experience with navigating Windows server operating systems, knowledge of protocols and other IT related topics.