Capture & Extraction for MarkView Training & Certification | ILT-C-CEMV-100

Course Title: Capture and Extraction for MarkView Training & Certification
Course ID: ILT-C-CEMV-100
Duration: 4 Days
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Skill Level: Introductory
Course P/N: TR-9000-0080V

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Methodology:  Illustrated lecture and discussion, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises. Knowledge retention and ability to product documentation will be measured by a 50 question certification examination.

Course Overview:

The focus of this course is to provide product training for the integration of document capture and automatic extraction of data with the Kofax MarkView solution.

This course is designed to provide technical skills necessary to become certified in Kofax MarkView for capture enabled invoice processing.

Attendees will be able to install and configure Kofax Capture and the necessary product extensions to obtain the highest quality documents and data for delivery into a Kofax MarkView solution and configure the Kofax MarkView KTM project to facilitate efficient processing of invoices.

This course is intended for technical professionals who need to understand how to design, implement, and support the operation of capture enabled business process management solutions using Kofax
MarkView. Learning is accomplished through presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive deep dive into the functionality, configuration, and integration of Kofax Markview with the Kofax Capture and Transformation Module products. During this course, the attendee will become familiar with optimizing efficiency and accuracy of automatic document categorization, data extraction and validation.

  End Users and IT Professionals responsible for the installations & configuration of the Kofax MarkView product.


Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the process of transforming paper documents to digital
  • Explain the purpose of bar-code cover pages in the capture process
    and know how to generate them via Kofax MarkView Home.
  • Create batches to capture documents via scan or by import and
    perform automatic data extraction.
  • Install, configure, and maintain Kofax Capture and Kofax
    Transformation Modules for capturing and processing documents and
    data for accurate delivery into the Kofax MarkView solution.
  • Install and configure Kofax Capture Network Server to provide for
    transfer of documents and data over a wide area network or the
  • Install a nd configure Kofax Import Connector to optimize the import of
    documents to Kofax Capture from a variety of input sources (with
    special focus on email import).
  • Leverage VRS and adjust settings to improve image legibility and
    overall quality
  • Pass a Certification Examination with a score of 85% or higher