FraudOne SignBase Admin Training & Certification | OD-FO-SB-043

Course Title: Kofax FraudOne SignBase Admin On-Demand
Course ID:  OD-FO-SBA-043
Duration: ~2 Days
List Price: $1,600 USD (Add to cart to view applicable discount)
Skill Level: Introductory
Course P/N:  TR-7500-5704

Methodology:  Illustrated lecture and discussion, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises. Knowledge retention and ability to product documentation will be measured by a 25 question certification examination.

Audience:  End Users, Partners and Kofax employees responsible administering and supporting the Kofax FraudOne SignBase system.

Prerequisites: To get the most from this class, trainees should…

  • Recommended: certification in "Kofax FraudOne User"
  • Basic computer hardware/software knowledge
  • Navigational skills within Windows
  • Operational knowledge of Microsoft Windows (2008, 2012, 7 and 8)
  • Command line and editing skills
  • Basic knowledge in networking
  • Experience in software installations
  • Experience in batch data processing
  • Basic understanding of Java web applications
  • Deployment of applications in Apache Tomcat
  • Basic Database administration skills (ie, MSSQL server)

Hardware/Software requirements

  • Server: Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 (equipped with the latest service pack and all available system updates in each case), each in 64 bit version
  • Client: Windows 7 Enterprise/Professional/Ultimate Edition (32 bit/64 bit) or Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10
  • 32 bit Java 7 (JDK)
  • Recommended: pre-installed Microsoft® SQL Server 2012: Express, Standard or Enterprise Edition
  • A performant portable computer, equipped for running server applications and to run performant virtual machines
  • HW specifications: 8 GB RAM, 10 GB of free disk space, HW configuration that fully enables operation of virtual machines (in case the training installation shall be done within a VM and not on the host computer)
  • Operating systems:

Objectives:  To pass the Kofax FraudOne SignBase Admin certification exam with a score of 85% or higher. Upon certification, the participant will be able to:

  • Install, configure and administer FraudOne SignBase installations
  • Integrate FraudOne SignBase into complex test and production environments
  • Provide support for FraudOne SignBase (1st level)
  • Analyze and fine-tune performance for FraudOne SignBase