Process Director Master Class | ILT-PD-MC1-010

Course Title: Process Director Master Class
Course ID: ILT-PD-MC1-010
Duration: 4 Days (5 Hours Each Day)
List Price: $2,000 USD (Discounted vouchers will not be accepted)
Skill Level: Advanced
Course P/N: TR-1000-0501

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**Please note that this course may not be purchased using any form of discounted training vouchers.

Methodology:  Instructor-led classroom setting including lecture, demonstration and Q&A. 

Solution Architects, Development leads and Professional Services Consultants preparing to work with Process Director-based solutions.


Experience working with SAP.

Masterclass on Process Director Implementation Best Practices.

Gain proficiency and best practices knowledge from the Kofax SMEs on Process Director.


Day 1 of the PDAP Master Class will primarily be related to understanding best practices for planning your platform architecture and will look at components, interfaces and roles.


Day 2 will recall on basic setting and provide guidance and best practices for efficient process organization, including built in validations and workflow support.


Day 3 will discuss EDI integration, accessory processes and daily system maintenance practices.


Days 4 will be on understanding available system enhancements (user exits) and configuration options of web application.