RPA 11 Desktop Automation Essentials Certification Training | ILT-RPA-DA-110

Course Title: RPA 11 Desktop Automation Essentials Certification Training
Delivery Method: Instructor-Led
Course ID:
Duration: 1.5 Days
List Price: $1,750 USD (Add to cart to view applicable discounts)
Skill Level: Introductory
Course P/N: TR-3500-0003V

Delivery Method:  Instructor-led Classroom with Live-Online option where indicated.

Methodology:  Illustrated lecture and discussion, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises. 

  Anyone who is familiar with the Web Automation workflow and wants to extend their skills to develop robots that use the Desktop Automation workflow in RPA 11


The course provides a short Web Automation summary to verify prior knowledge and then focuses on the basic skills to build Desktop Automation robots in the Design Studio.

The training consists of many hands on exercises that will be introduced by the trainer and discussed afterwards

The focus is on getting familiar with building and testing robots and understanding what is needed to implement a Desktop Automation workflow and its relation to the Web Automation workflow. To learn how to build a Desktop Automation workflow you will work with some built in applications like Chromium and Document Transformation Services but we will cover Desktop Automation on remote machines as well.

The exercises are designed to keep the learning curve as smooth as possible and of course the instructor is at hand to answer questions and help out with any issues that may arise. An detailed lab guide is provided as part of the exercises.

Objectives: At the conclusion of training, attendees will be able to:

  • Create RPA 11 robots that use the Desktop Automation workflow
  • Call those robots from Web Automation robots
  • Implement logical steps in the workflow
  • Understand component finders
  • Use guarded step and loops
  • Work with built-in applications like the Chromium Browser and Desktop Transformation Services
  • Understand the role of the Desktop Automation Service
  • Create and configure robots that control applications on remote machines

Prerequisites: To get the most from this class, trainees …

  • should have completed the (free) online RPA learning path 'Getting Started', as well as

  • either the Web Automation Essentials class or the online RPA learning path 'Web Automation Robot Basic Workflow'.

  • A prior certification for Kofax RPA 10 is also sufficient.

Certification: To certify for RPA 11 you need to successfully complete the RPA 11 certification exam.

This class and the class 'RPA 11 Web Automation Essentials' together, along with the 'Getting Started' online RPA learning path should be a solid basis to pass this exam.

Training environment: The student is expected to have access to a working Kofax RPA 11 environment. This includes access to the Design Studio (with a development database) to develop robots as well as access to the Management Console to deploy those robots and access to a machine that runs a Desktop Automation Service. Such an environment can be created by downloading and installing an evaluation package from the Kofax home page. 

If such an environment is not available, limited time access to an online accessible environment can be purchased on the Learning Cloud.


               Day 1, Afternoon

               - Course Introduction

               - The Basic Workflow recap

               - Desktop Automation introduction

               - The Desktop Automation Service

               Day 2

               - Guarded choice steps and guards

               - Opening and closing a Web page

               - Extracting information

               - Visit multiple web pages

               - The Document Transformation Service

               - Component Finders In Depth

               - Recap, Q&A, Knowledge check