TotalAgility | Capture Starter Pack

Learn how to import a TotalAgility package, configure, and demonstrate the runtime operation of the Capture Starter Pack business process.

Note: This module is one of a series of modules that focus on the components, configuration, and concepts of a capture process by examining and editing process included with the Capture Starter Pack.

Module objectives are:

  • Describe the Capture Starter Pack and how it is used to quickly implement a capture application
  • Import the Capture Starter Pack into TotalAgility and inspect the imported artifacts
  • Setup and present a runtime demonstration of the Capture Starter Pack process

Overview prerequisites:

  • None

Practice prerequisites:

  • A functioning on-premise or access to a cloud environment of TotalAgility 
  • A Resource with administrative access and permissions to the TotalAgility system

Product Version(s): 7.7