Communications Manager | Editing an Existing Document

Module Overview

In this quick and easy lesson you will learn how to add and edit basic text within KCM Designer. 

Using a mixture of Text Editors and Content Wizards you will learn how to complete the most essential KCM operations in line with the Publication Workflow.

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

Adding Basic Text and a Field

  • Log in to KCM
  • Add and format basic text.
  • Add a Field to a text block.
  • Test the changes.
  • Forward the changes for acceptance.

Adding Images and Tables

  • Add images to an existing document using Rich Text Blocks.
  • Add a Table to your document.

Adding New Text Blocks

  • Create a new text block.
  • Use a Content Wizard to add a text block to a Document Template.
  • Create and Configure a Document Template.