ControlSuite 1.2 Installer Certification Training | EL-CTS-INSTALL-012

Course Title: ControlSuite v1.2 Installer Certification Training
Course ID:  EL-CTS-INSTALL-012
Duration (avg open time): 12 hours
List Price: $0.00
Skill Level: Intermediate

Kofax ControlSuite integrates print, capture, output management, and mobile workflows into a single solution. ControlSuite provides increased efficiencies and productivity while maximizing document security.

Course Purpose:  

This course will prepare you to confidently install, license, configure, implement, build valuable workflows, and troubleshoot ControlSuite and its component applications of AutoStore, Equitrac, and Output Manager.

If your job responsibilities include installation, configuration, print management implementation, or document workflow creation, this is the right course for you. 

Target Audience:

Technical personnel whose job responsibilities may include installing products in customer production, proof of concept, and demo environments.

  • Installation Engineers
  • Sales Analysts
  • Technical Consultants
  • PS Consultants

Self-paced learning:

The training consists of learning paths containing a series of self-paced eLearning modules and an exam that covers ControlSuite and one of its component applications.

Learning Paths:

  • ControlSuite AutoStore Installer
  • ControlSuite Equitrac Installer
  • ControlSuite Output Manager Installer

Upon completion of a learning path and passing the required exam, you will earn certification for ControlSuite and the application covered in the learning path.

Knowledge Prerequisites: 

No previous ControlSuite experience is required. However, experience with navigating Windows server operating systems, knowledge of protocols, and other IT related topics is recommended.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Kofax ControlSuite Platform, core services, shared services, and security framework.
  • Locate and reference system requirements, documentation, and support resources.
  • Install and license ControlSuite, AutoStore, Equitrac, and Output Manager using the ControlSuite Install Assistant.
  • Configure ControlSuite, AutoStore, Equitrac, and Output Manager using the ControlSuite Configuration Assistant.
  • Setup AutoStore, Equitrac, and Output Manager for operation and workflow creation.
  • Troubleshoot basic installation issues with ControlSuite applications.
  • Configure and implement capture, print management, document transformation, and output management workflows.
  • Describe the integration capabilities of ControlSuite and its applications.