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Course Catalog

TotalAgility 7.8 What's New Training & Certification | OD-TA-WN-078

Category: Essentials
On-demand | 8 Hours | Introductory

TotalAgility for Kofax Learning Cloud - Prime Membership

Category: TotalAgility
Annual entitlement to the TotalAgility training content for Kofax Learning Cloud training platform

TotalAgility Master Class | ILT-TA-MC3-077

Category: Master Class (Live Online)
Live Online | 5 Days | Advanced

Transformation 6 Certification Exam | EX-TR-TR-060

Category: Certification Exams
Certification Exam

Transformation 6.0 Scripting Training | OD-TR-SCR-060

Category: On-Demand
On-demand | Intermediate | 3 Days

Transformation 6.2 Essentials Training & Certification | OD-TR-TR-062

Category: On-Demand
On-Demand | 5 days | Introductory

Transformation 6.3 Essentials Training & Certification | ILT-TR-TR-063

Category: Classroom / Live Online
Classroom / Live Online | 5 days | Introductory

VRS Elite On-Demand Training | OD-VRS-ELITE-051

Category: VRS
On-demand | 8 hours | Introductory

¿Qué hay de nuevo en Kofax Capture V11? - Español

Category: En Español
Presencial / En Linea / OnDemand | Introductorio