Certification benefits not only you but your company as well

Does increasing productivity and value, mastering the Kofax software or better job performance sound good to you? If it does, then product certification might be of interest!


The Advantages of Becoming Certified

Obtaining your product certification with Kofax products means you have increased your value among those who rely on Kofax products to manage multiple aspects of their organization. Kofax certifications offer users of Kofax products many advantages from both a job and a career perspective.

  • Motivate users to engage in formal product training
  • Create Credibility by validating that users of Kofax products have reached a prescribed level of knowledge necessary to achieve product proficiency
  • Promote Self-sufficiency and a greater, more complete understanding of the products and drive down the need to call Kofax Support
  • Stay on top of New and Current Technologies and product updates
  • Increase your chances for Job Placement within an organization considering or already using Kofax products
  • Gain an Advantage over your peers and colleagues
  • Provide your employer with Peace of Mind that you have met the requirements and have an adequate level of knowledge around the Kofax products
  • Support Job Retention in a volatile market and can mean the difference between keeping your job and looking for a new one.

Getting Certified

Product certification can be achieved by passing a certification exam. Exams are available for purchase from our Course Catalog and are also provided with many of the courses offered, at no additional charge.

Time Allowed

The amount of time allowed will vary depending on the exam and can be anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. 

Number of Questions

The number of questions for each exam varies depending on the exam. Questions are randomly selected from a pool so no two exams will be the same.

Passing Score

A score of 85% must be achieved to pass each exam. Each participant who passes an exam will automatically receive a certificate validating them as a Certified Specialist for that product.

Certification Details

Kofax provides the opportunity to become certified on several of our major products and offers a variety of flexible online and classroom training courses to prepare you for the certification exam.
The following product certifications are currently available.

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