Classroom Training


Is face-to-face or real-time training a better choice for your particular style of learning?

Our in-person or live online, instructor-led classroom training may be the best solution. For many of us, live training with lots of collaboration and back and forth discussion is essential to our learning style and retention.
By joining one of our instructor-led classes, you can be assured of getting personalized one-on-one assistance with your training. You can also collaborate with others in the class and share thoughts, ideas, common challenges and learn from the questions others ask. 

Benefits of classroom and live online training

  •  Personalized Training - Instructor-led training allows for two way dialog that can help improve and expand the student's learning due to a more fluid training situation. Instructors can expand on specific topics on-the-fly in areas that students are having issues or lack of understanding.
  •  Social Learning - Interaction with other students creates an increased learning opportunity through interpersonal information exchange.
  •  Relationship Building - Students have a chance to network with others and build relationships that can lead to improved learning through personal coaching and help build a collaborative network.
  •  Completion - Classroom participation is one way to get through all of the training in the shortest time possible. Collaboration with other live students helps to promote learning and makes the journey fun and engaging.
  •  Hands-on Practice - Nothing supports retention of information quite like performing exercises on your own. Learning about something is great, but the experience is not quite complete without immersing yourself in the topic with a little hands-on.