Market demands for greater integration of technologies that improve customer engagement, drive operational excellence and expand capacity sparked the creation of the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform. Consolidating complementary automation and artificial intelligence (AI) and a best-in-class marketplace ecosystem forms a connective tissue that enables digital transformation of end-to-end business operations at scale.

Kofax Intelligent Automation leverages machine learning to transform structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, and embedded AI smartly connects people, content and context. The result is a powerful “total” workforce comprising digital workers and human talent—without the friction and cost of juggling multiple, disparate point solutions. Your organization benefits from lower total cost of ownership and reduced manual work and errors. Your workforce is more productive, and customers are more engaged. And the open architecture of the Intelligent Automation platform allows you to customize your transformation, adopting and extending platform capabilities at your own pace.

Your digital transformation journey is unique. Kofax Intelligent Automation delivers on the promise of digital transformation.
Below are a set of short videos from Kofax Education Services to introduce the IA solution. Please watch the videos to see first hand all Kofax Intelligent Automation products working together and how they are utilized in a HR Onboarding solution.

The following is a 3-part demonstration of Kofax Intelligent Automation platform through a HR Onboarding sample Application

If Intelligent Automation is key to your business and you want to learn more, then register now for the new Intelligent Automation Fundamentals course..

Intelligent Automation Fundamentals | SP-IA-IAF-001

The focus of this 2 day self-paced workshop is to provide product fundamentals training on the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform and its associated technologies. During this course, the attendee will become familiar with the Kofax Corporate Value proposition for Intelligent Automation, along with more detailed solution design features within platform capabilities. Trainees will learn how to integrate Kofax platform technologies together. LEARN MORE...

RPA 10 Essentials Training & Certification | OD-RPA-ESS-100

This course provides an introduction to the Kofax RPA 10 Robotic Process Automation platform, and provides participants with hands-on experience developing, debugging and publishing automated data integration workflows using the RPA Design Studio, Management Console and KappZone. Students will develop robots for both web and desktop automation.  LEARN MORE...

TotalAgility 7.6 Essentials Training & Certification | OD-TA-ESS-076

The focus of this course is to provide product training for Kofax TotalAgility 7, utilizing instruction and hands-on labs to develop administration and operation skills for the software. The result will provide technical skills necessary to become certified in Kofax TotalAgility 7. Attendees will be able to build a capture enabled case process incorporating separation, classification, extraction and validation capabilities. LEARN MORE...

Communications Manager 5 Essentials Training & Certification | ILT-CM-ESS-050

This course provides a thorough and complete understanding of Kofax Communication Management. This training covers content creation and management, installation, system administration and maintenance and integration for Kofax Communications Manager (KCM). At the conclusion of the course, participants will be given the opportunity to complete an examination leading to certification. LEARN MORE...

Insight 5.4 Training & Certification | OD-IN-ESS-054

The focus of this course is to provide product training for the installation, configuration, and end-user operation of Kofax Insight.  Attendees will be able to install, configure, and interpret analytical results of Kofax Insight.  This course is intended for technical professionals who need to understand how to install Kofax Insight, configure dashboards, and interpret the results.  Learning is accomplished through presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on student lab exercises. LEARN MORE...