Private Engagement Training


Private Engagement Training offers a handy and cost-effective alternative to training when certain restrictions prevent you from providing the training your staff needs. In many cases your company may need to provide training to multiple people. This creates an opportunity to save some of your training budget by having Kofax Education Services come to you instead of purchasing individual training seats and incurring higher travel expenses. 

All you really need to take advantage of Private Engagement Training, is a room capable of comfortably seating the number of students needing training, a white board, projector, laptop or workstation computer for each student and an internet connection. Kofax provides the live instructor, virtual training environments for each student and the training materials.

Purchasing Private Engagement Training  for a 4-day class costs about the same as purchasing individual seats for 6 students, without the travel expenses. Instead, you pay the travel expenses for one Kofax instructor, saving you the cost of travel for 5 students. Additional students joining the class will pay half the normal tuition saving an additional 50%. Consider this approach the next time you have training requirements for larger groups needing the same training and fill out the form at the bottom of this page to start a conversation with Kofax about receiving private training. 



Kofax Education can fit private training into your schedule and conduct it at a location of your choosing whether it's your location, our location, online or a combination of all three. Depending on your company's specific needs, Kofax Education can offer our standard training courses or custom tailor our agenda to your specific requirements.


We understand that standard classroom training may not cover many of the specifics of your implementation. Let Kofax Education custom-tailor a training course that will be engaging and aligned with your users' and specific business needs.


Kofax Education can help your business train the right number of people at the right time and can do it cost-effectively by saving you both time and money.


Private Engagement training can help to ensure that your employees receive the same information and scope of course content through group training, collaboration, two-way discussion and focused training objectives.


What better way to learn than attending training with coworkers who will be sharing the responsibility with you? Learn together and become a valuable resource to your coworkers. 


Proper training through Kofax Education's Private Engagement training program can help increase your employees' productivity, while minimizing downtime. Private Engagement training also allows employees the opportunity to learn to work within their own specific software solution allowing them to apply their new knowledge and skills quickly and effectively.

Tailor a Private Engagement training course for your organization!
For more information about the Kofax Private Engagement Training Program and what we can do for your organization, please complete the form below and tell us more about what you need to accomplish with your team. We'll contact you to discuss your needs and provide options.
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