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Experience the ControlSuite Capture Solution


Experience the ControlSuite Capture Solution
Tue September 14th, 2021
Virtual Classroom
Partner Sales Enablement
Benjamin Huba (subject to change)

Course Information
Welcome to the Experience the ControlSuite Capture Solution workshop. This 1-day Instructor guided workshop includes product demonstrations, hands-on experiences and classroom discussions focusing on real-world use cases. This workshop is intended to provide Account Executives and Sales Engineers knowledge and experience with capture capabilities built into ControlSuite. What to Expect In this 1-day virtual workshop, the participant will learn key features and functionality of the ControlSuite Capture Solution and how it solves customer needs in the present time. Where No travel required. The workshop is fully virtualized, and participants may join from wherever they want. Microsoft Teams will be used to host this video conference. The Instructor will provide details on how to access a virtual server within our cloud training environment. What to Bring You need a computer with internet access and some bandwidth. There are no special requirements for the computer other than having a monitor (recommendation: 2 monitors) with a resolution of 1024 x 768 or more, a headset and a camera. The Instructor will be live on camera; participants are strongly encouraged to do the same to create an overall positive classroom experience. Length of Workshop This is a 1-day workshop, which is expected to run for a normal business day (8 hours), with breaks and a lunch hour built into the agenda. Objectives The main objective is to raise awareness of the capabilities of the ControlSuite Capture solution using real-world scenarios. In addition to live demonstrations and discussions, you will also touch the product following step-by-step labs using our training environment. Workshop Content • Introductions & Expectations • Architecture • Demonstrations • Mobile Platform Overview • Hands-on Experiences • Useful Resources Audience This workshop is designed specifically for Account Executives and Sales Engineers who are responsible for the sale of the ControlSuite Capture Solution. No ControlSuite experience is necessary. Experience with navigating Windows server operating systems is a plus.


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