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TotalAgility 7.6 Cloud Essentials

Course/Exam Description

Course Title: TotalAgility 7.6 Cloud Essentials Training & Certification
Course ID and Course P/N: KTA-TRN-CLESSV-076
Duration: The course duration tag represents the video and reading time for all course components. Expect to spend 32 hours in the product version guided learning path(s) to complete the content, lab(s), and exam(s).
Skill Level: Introductory

Description: The focus of this course is to provide product training for Kofax TotalAgility 7 in the Cloud, utilizing instruction and hands-on labs to develop administration and operation skills for the software. The result will provide technical skills necessary to become certified in Kofax TotalAgility 7. Attendees will be able to build a capture enabled case process incorporating separation, classification, extraction and validation capabilities. 

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive technical overview into the Kofax TotalAgility product, its functionality, configuration, and integration. During this course, the attendee will become familiar with process design features, case management concepts, and front end solution building. 

Important Note on Prerequisite Software: This course is designed for those customers/partners who have already subscribed to the TotalAgility managed Cloud (Azure) service. As such, no installation is required of the core TotalAgility product. Please note if you wish to use the Cognitive Capture features you will have to download the Transformation Designer to your client machine. If you wish to use the Integration Server features you will need to install the Integration Server component on a server operating system. Please refer to the Technical Specification documents for both the Transformation Designer and Integration Server to determine the requirements.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how to access the designer and workspace in the Cloud
  • Install the Transformation Designer (if required)
  • Understand the components that make up the Intelligent Automation Platform
  • Exhibit competency using Kofax TotalAgility Designer
  • Design a capture enabled process that will provide the ability to perform separation and classification, extraction, and validation
  • Build a Case based process with standard process flow
  • Build and customize a Web-based Forms solution
  • Enhance the process to implement Document Creation and Email integration
  • Customize forms
  • Loop through documents in a folder
  • Export the solution as a package
  • Install the Integration Server (if required)
  • Enhance the process to implement Data Access using the Integration Server Designer
  • Configure and use Import features such as Email, Watched Folders, Multi-Functional Peripherals (MFP) using the Integration Sever Designer
  • Export using the Text Export Connector using the Integration Server Designer
  • Optional topics include configuring MFP, Mobile, and Scanners as Capture Input Sources, and debugging processes and forms
  • Pass a Certification Examination with a score of 85% or higher

 Methodology:  Illustrated lecture and discussion, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises. Knowledge retention and ability to product documentation will be measured by a 50 question certification examination.

 This course is intended for technical professionals who need to use the Cloud based version of TotalAgility. Additionally the course will demonstrate how to install the Transfomation Designer and Integration Server (if required). You will also learn how to configure, design, implement, and support the operation of capture enabled business process management solutions using Kofax TotalAgility. Learning is accomplished through presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on labs.

Prerequisites: To maximize the learning experience, it would be beneficial if the student had the following:

  • Awareness of programming concepts (you do not have to write code in this course)
  • Basic working knowledge of
    • SQL databases
    • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

Course Access: 365 days from enrollment date

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