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TotalAgility 7.8 Analytics (Instructor-led)

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Course Title: TotalAgility 7.8 Analytics Training & Certification
Duration: 32 Hours
Skill Level: Intermediate
Course P/N: KTA-TRN-ANALLE-078

Pre-requisite Software: Please note that TotalAgility is designed to run on a server operating system. Further pre-requisite software includes IIS and SQL Server. If you are unable to source the pre-requisite software, you can purchase the hire of a Virtual Machine (VM) that includes the pre-requisite software from our store. A VM is not included when this course is purchased.

Methodology:  Illustrated lecture and discussion, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises. Knowledge retention and ability to product documentation will be measured by a 50 question certification examination (purchased separately).

 The focus of this course is to provide product training for Kofax TotalAgility Analytics, utilizing instruction and hands-on labs to develop administration and operation skills for the software. The result will provide technical skills necessary to become certified in Kofax Insight for TotalAgility 7. Attendees will be able to Install Kofax Insight, Connect Insight to TotalAgility for purposes of Resource and Roles management, specify Data Sources, and build Records, Metrics and Views for TotalAgility data.

Audience: This course is intended for technical professionals who need to understand how to install Kofax Insight, configure, design, implement, and support the operation of Process Business Intelligence (PBI) reporting for TotalAgility solutions. 

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive technical overview into the Kofax Insight for TotalAgility product, its functionality, configuration, and integration. During this course, the attendee will become familiar with Business Intelligence features.

Prerequisites: To maximize the learning experience, the student must have completed the following:

  • TotalAgility Essentials Training and Certification
  • TotalAgility Process Orchestration Training and Certification

It would be beneficial to also have a basic working knowledge of:

  • SQL databases
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • (Optional) Install and license Kofax Insight 6.x
  • Import a package to TotalAgility, configure resources and operator permissions
  • Import and configure the KAFTA project
  • Create reporting data (jobs) to provide Process Business Intelligence raw data
  • Create an Insight project and specify data sources
  • Understand and build records
  • Understand and create derived fields and filters
  • Understand and build metrics
  • Understand and build Views and dashboards
  • Create execution plans
  • Add a TotalAgility work queue as a data source
  • Add a solution database as a data source
  • Configure additional records, translation tables (Static and Dynamic)
  • Create an Insight process to show key steps, build swim lanes, process grids and process step charts
  • Examine and configure alerts
  • Configure email
  • Configure web service to trigger a new TotalAgility job based on an Alert
  • (Optional) Examine Export and Import
  • (Optional) Build Geo Database charts

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