Kofax Learning Cloud


The Learning Challenge

One of the challenges associated with learning a new software product is finding the time to fit it into your busy schedule. There are numerous ways to go about your learning experience, some of which require clearing your schedule and putting your day job on hold. Others require you to approach the task in ways that are just not effective for your particular learning style. Even when you find a training method that seems to be a good fit, much of the content simply isn't necessary for the objectives you are trying to satisfy and much of your time is consumed with information you simply don't need to learn.

Learning Cloud Features

The Kofax Learning Cloud

Kofax has been offering product training to our customers, partners and employees for decades and we know all about the challenges that many of our learners face. We call our solution to this problem, the Kofax Learning Cloud because we want our product training to be accessible any time you need it and we truly want it to be an effective way to learn.

The Kofax Learning Cloud ultimately puts control into the hands of today's learners who don't have the time or the patience for traditional classroom training or other methods requiring lengthy time commitments. The Learning Cloud is a highly effective way of getting the training you need based on your specific objectives, availability and learning style. By taking a "just the facts" approach to gathering relevant information and condensing it into complete, yet succinct self-paced eLearning modules, the learner can scale their training to their particular needs and learn the content in the fastest and most effective way possible. 

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Content, Tools and Services

The Kofax Learning Cloud isn't just about eLearning modules and self-paced training. It's about becoming part of a learning environment designed to support the notion of learning a new skill entirely on your own. Kofax has taken our high-quality eLearning content and combined it with effective tools and services designed to augment the entire learning experience. 

Tools and Services

  • Interactive ModulesInteractive Learning Modules

    These are not training videos, but short, encapsulated interactive modules that encourage your participation. Engaging with the content is a fundamental part of learning and being more engaged will increase retention and your ability to recall what you've learned.
  • Learning PathsLearning Paths

    Complete just the training you need when you need it. Roles-based learning paths will ensure that you receive the right amount of content. 
  • Product-based Message Boards

    Who better to share your thoughts and questions with than those with similar goals and objectives?
  • WebinarLive Monthly Webinars

    A little bit of live training can go a long way in terms of fully understanding concepts, features and functions. Join us on a monthly basis for our webinar-style live training sessions to learn more about our products, recent updates, tips and tricks and to get answers to many of your questions.
  • Downloadable Training MaterialsDownloadable Training Materials

    Many of our eLearning modules will include relevant training information such as lab guides and other reference materials.
  • Automatic UpdatesAutomatic Training Updates

    By their nature, eLearning modules get updated with every new release of a software product. The Kofax Learning Cloud is the only place you need to go to learn of new updates to your software and how to leverage them.
  • Software InstallsSoftware Install & Evaluation License

    Most eLearning product categories will include downloadable software plus an evaluation license so that you can set up your very own "sandbox" training environment for hands-on exercises, discovery or just immersing yourself in the product.
  • Annual AccessAnnual Access

    One price - one year of access to eLearning modules and associated learning materials within a product category. Purchase one or multiple product categories (New product categories will be released throughout the year).

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