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One of the challenges associated with learning a new software product, is finding the time to fit it into your busy schedule. There are numerous ways to go about your learning experience, some of which require clearing your schedule and putting your day job on hold. Others require you to approach the task in ways that are just not effective for your particular learning style. Even when you find a training method that seems to be a good fit, much of the content simply isn't necessary for the objectives you are trying to satisfy and much of your time is consumed with information you simply don't need to learn.

Learning Cloud FeaturesKofax Learning Cloud eLearning Module Library

Kofax has been offering product training to our customers for decades and we understand the challenges that many of our learners face.  The Kofax Learning Cloud is designed with these challenges in mind, because we expect product training to be convenient, efficient and effective.

The Kofax Learning Cloud puts control into the hands of today's learners who don't have the time or the patience for traditional classroom or other training methods requiring lengthy time commitments.  The Learning Cloud is an effective approach to delivering needed training based on your specific objectives, availability and learning style. By taking a "just the facts" approach to gathering relevant information and condensing it into complete, yet succinct self-paced eLearning modules, the learner can scale their training to their particular needs and learn the content in the fastest and most effective way possible. 

You will find a variety of free product training modules in the Kofax Learning Cloud that you can access right away and as often as you wish. All that is required, is that you have an account on the Kofax Training Portal. Go to learn.kofax.com/learningcloud and log in to access the free training.

Once you have logged in, choose a product from the product bar.

then click on Learning Paths or Module Library in the menu to the left.


The Kofax Learning Cloud isn't just about eLearning modules and self-paced training. It's about becoming part of a learning environment designed to support the notion of learning a new skill entirely on your own. Kofax has taken our high-quality eLearning content and combined it with effective tools and services designed to augment the entire learning experience. 

  • Interactive ModulesInteractive Learning Modules

    These are not training videos, but short, encapsulated interactive modules that encourage your participation. Engaging with the content is a fundamental part of learning and being more engaged will increase retention and your ability to recall what you've learned.
  • Learning PathsLearning Paths

    Complete just the training you need when you need it. Roles-based learning paths will ensure that you receive the right amount of content. 
  • WebinarLive Monthly Training Sessions

    A little bit of live training can go a long way in terms of fully understanding concepts, features and functions. Join us on a monthly basis for our webinar-style live training sessions to learn more about our products, recent updates, tips and tricks and to get answers to many of your questions.
  • Downloadable Training MaterialsResources

    A collection of miscellaneous resources to augment the student's learning experience. 
  • Automatic UpdatesVirtual Labs for Hire

    For an additional fee, the student choose an alternative to installing the software and use a virtual training environment to complete hands-on exercises provided within the various training modules. The environments can be leased and used for a period of 40 hours over the course of one month. 
  • Software InstallsGamification

    Earn badges for accomplishing various tasks within the learning cloud while you learn. 
  • Annual AccessTraining Support

    Your direct connection the Kofax Education Services for asking training questions, getting assistance with issues or problems, suggesting topics for upcoming live training sessions, or anything else we can do to assist you with. 
  • CertificationCertification

    Obtaining your product certification with Kofax products means you have increased your value among those who rely on Kofax products to manage multiple aspects of their organization. Kofax certifications offer users of Kofax products many advantages from both a job and a career perspective.

There are currently two levels available for the Kofax Learning Cloud.  The table below provides a breakdown of the different levels and their features. 

Features Basic (Free) Prime
Membership Annual Annual
elearning Library - Limited Library - Full Library
Learning Paths - Single - Multiple
Learning Resources - Limited Access - Full Access
Gamification - Limited Features - Full Features
Progress Tracking
Certification Exams  
Software Download w/Eval License
Live Training Sessions  
Email Training Support  
Information Database  
Product Release Module Updates  
New Training Modules Monthly  
VMs for Hire  
Certification Tracking  
Base Membership (Per  User) Free Varies with product

The Kofax Learning Cloud Prime membership is purchased by individual product category.  If you are purchasing multiple memberships you must purchase one (1) Base User Membership for each available product category you wish to train on.  With the purchase of this Base Membership, you may then add Subsequent User Memberships for the same product, for a significantly discounted price when purchased along with the Base Membership. For example, if you need four (4) Totalagility Kofax Learning Cloud memberships, you would need to purchase one (1) TotalAgility Base User Membership at list price and three (3) TotalAgility Subsequent User Memberships at the discounted price, within the same transaction. 

You may purchase Learning Cloud memberships online, directly from Kofax, or through your Kofax reseller. If you are purchasing online and you only need one membership, you will automatically be enrolled once your transaction is complete. if you are purchasing multiple memberships online, you will receive a voucher for each membership, that must be redeemed on our website by the intended member. These vouchers can be redeemed in the Kofax Course Catalog. Please note that all Kofax Learning Cloud memberships purchased at the same time, will inherit the same expiration date as the first voucher in the group to be redeemed. Example: If you purchased 5 memberships on February 3rd and redeemed the first voucher on March 1st, all 5 vouchers would expire on March 1st of the following year.

** To purchase and enroll for a single user or redeem a voucher for a Learning Cloud course, click [HERE]

Kofax Learning Cloud Pricing     

Membership Type Base User
(one required)
Subsequent User
(when purchased
with Base User)
Subsequent User
(when purchased
Kofax Capture $4,000 $500 $4,000
Kofax ReadSoft Online $4,000 $500 $4,000
Kofax RPA $4,000 $500 $4,000
Kofax TotalAgility $4,000 $500 $4,000
Kofax Communications
$4,000 $500 $4,000
Purchase Learning Cloud Annual Membership Vouchers
Type Price Qty
Base Membership $4,000 1
Subsequent Memberships $500